How do i turn a set and delay functions into a loop for a countdown?

Recently began adding in abilities to my characters, one of my characters has a teleporting abilities which works fine though the only issue is i want there to be a cool-down for it which is where im struggling, i know a simple way to have a countdown which is what you can see in the image below (note the delay is meant to be 1, i just used 0.5 for testing some things) but this way isnt effective and is very annoying to do if you want the cool-down timer to be something high like 30 or even higher. How do turn it into a loop which countdowns from 30 to 0?

Like this:

This kind of thing ( loops and delays ) is often a bit of a pain. It’s quite easy to make your own WhileDelay and ForEachNext loops, tell me if you wanna know about that…

Look into using a timeline for something like this.

There are many tutorials on timelines out there. if this one does not help look around a little bit for one that might.

Another basic timer:

yeah i wanna know more about that, a bit new to blueprints and such, also i dont need a string due to i have a hud display where it actually doesnt down from 5. Also i have tryed your example but as least for right it just says at 5 and just keeps say 5, 5, 5, over and over again with the string.

If it keeps saying 5, I think you copied it wrong :wink:

Can you show me what you have?

( I will post something about WhileDelay )

OK, I started trying to explain it, but after about 10 pictures, I gave up. This also shows you how to do it:

Timers/Timelines are absolutely the best route if you don’t want “time” bound to framerate.

Only addition I’d add is a boolean “CanTeleport?” … set true when cooldown is completed.

Here, i copyed it like u did except mine is a bit more messy

You did not. The execution wire from Delay loops back to set the variable back to 5.

Oh i didnt see that, thxs for the info, it works now