How do I trigger OSC within Sequencer?

I am using ableton live to control particles in sequencer and want to make the particles play when the sequencer starts but I can’t seem to call the event in there without pressing the play button.

If I simulate it switches to a camera on the character instead of the one in the camera track which isn’t what I want at all, I want to do this through scrubbing without hitting play on the game.

Any tips to get this going would be appreciated.


I believe you want to create an event track in sequencer. Then add a new keyframe to that track. Then right click on the new keyframe and choose bind to a new event. That event will open a new blueprint and you can tell your particles to fire.

I’m not sure if this is possible without hitting play though. Still learning this myself so there may be another way, but wanted to try help where I could :slight_smile:

Using OSC without having to be in Play mode. Not sequencer specific but likely useful.