How do I trigger events with another object?

How do I trigger a blueprint with another object (that’s not the player). I’ve been trying to set the overlap detection so that it detects if a specific object has overlapped with the trigger and if that happens then the blueprint activates. So how do I do that because I’ve been working with collision detection events and nothing seems to be working.

You need to make sure on the other actors collision you enable “Generate Overlap Events” in their collision details panel.

Hope that helps =)

It’s still not working. I’m using the OncomponentHit node but I’m wondering if I’m missing something with that.

Here’s what I’m wondering. First off am I using the right node because I want it to say when that specific object overlaps with the trigger then it activates.

EDIT: nvm I figured it out.

Can you tell us how you figured it out please :slight_smile:

Commenting to help anyone that stumbles upon this thread, to solve this problem I used Blueprint Interfaces. For example if you shoot a ray at an object and want it to do something, you slap a blueprint interface on it and send a message to that interface from your player.