How do I transition between two levels (separate maps)?


Okay, this might be so simple - but I can’t find anything out there to simply explain it. I’m also quite new at blueprint.

So, I have two levels (maps) in my project. It’s set on a yacht and the idea is one level is the outside, and the second level is the interior.

I have set up a simple trigger box in each to move freely between them, however - when coming back into the first level it spawns me back at the original player start.

My question is, how do I come back from the second level and appear where I placed the trigger box? How do I add in another player start to tell the player to return there instead of the original spawn point?

Many Thanks

Watch this: Getting Started with Level Streaming | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube
In order to communicate between separate levels, you might use Game Instance BP (you have to set it first in project properties).

Thanks man, some good information to know but I couldn’t apply it to my situation; perhaps I’m missing something obvious!

I finally found this video UE4 Zoning and Remembering Location/Rotation - YouTube and it’s exactly what I wanted to do, but it wouldn’t work for me…is the fact I’m working in the VR template making things difficult? Is there a special workflow to make this sort of function work in VR?

One main thing that differs is that VR actor location is binded to the walkable area. If you move, that is your head or hands move, player’s origo does not change location, only it’s components change. You can change actor location via teleporting.