How do I transition a projectile to a physics object?

I’m using the First Person Example project and I want to make it so that the fired projectiles will have physics enabled once fired, however a projectile itself cannot have physics enabled, causing the balls to move around without rolling which doesn’t look good. The best solution I found online was to replace the projectile with a physics object once it collides with something and have the new object inherit the velocity of the projectile, but I am having a lot of difficulty doing this.

Currently, I have it set up like so:
When the projectile collides with something it will apply knock-back to the object if it has physics enabled, then it will store it’s velocity into the variable “End Velocity” before destroying itself and spawning the actor "First Person Projectile Ball’ in its place, which is a clunkily named blueprint that is simply the same ball the projectile uses, just without the projectile part.
This is the blueprint for that ball, what’s supposed to happen is when the ball is spawned, it reads the “End Velocity” variable from the other blueprint, and sets its own velocity to that amount.

[video]03-23-26(38P).mp4 - Google Drive
This video shows what happens, the projectile is removed and the new ball spawns but stops dead instead of receiving the velocity of the projectile and bouncing off of the wall. It also seems to sit on top of a second, invisible ball, and frankly I have not even the faintest idea what’s happening there. I’ve looked around the internet as much as I can but I can’t seem to find anything that helps me. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.