How do I transfer Market place assets?

I recently purchased some stuff off of the market place and I’m working on a small game, I have worked out a deal with a level designer. I just read on the faq that he can use the assets as long as he’s working on this project. I was just wondering how do I transfer the assets to him so he can build the levels?

Your Level Designer should know how; what FAQ are you referring to exactly?.
All purchased assets are your responsibility to figure out how to transfer to your Level Designer; The shipped Engine assets are already there to be used for your projects(Commercial / or not). :slight_smile:

It’s under the market place.

What can users do with content once they purchase and download it?
All content sold on the Marketplace is licensed to the buyer (who may be either an individual or company) for the lifetime right to use the content in developing an unlimited number of products and in shipping those products. The buyer is also licensed to make the content available to employees and contractors for the sole purpose of contributing to products controlled by the buyer.

Each such product built using content purchased on the Marketplace must be a standalone creative work (such a game, simulation, or video) in which content is merely a component and not the primary focus. For example, it may not be a content pack for distribution to engine users.

I was asking because the loader verify’s the instal, I’m not sure if that’s for assets or just the engine. There’s more to the eula, but that part right there say I can let him assemble stuff =D. Which is really cool, cause I’ve been really busy with learning blueprints.