How do I transfer github from one Epic account to another?

A while ago I had purchased some assets from the ue4 marketplace. I recently got back into ue, and didn’t have access to that old account, so I made a new one. I saw that you can get access to ue4 source code and I linked my github account to my new Epic account. Recently, I got access to my old account, and because I had paid assets there, and none on the new one, I deleted the new account. I wanted to link my github but now it says that my github is already linked to an Epic account. How do I transfer this?

And your GitHub Account isn’t in the Epic Games Organization on GitHub anymore?
If it is: Everything should work fine, although you could try to leave the organization and try linking it again
If it isn’t: I would say that your only option is to get in touch with Epic’s support directly to resolve this problem