How do i transfer between PC's?

Hi guys,

I have made a game for my third year computing degree and have to present it on Monday morning.
I have packaged the game up all fine and have stored it on a USB which runs fine. I do however have to also produce the raw game files so the marker can look through my blueprints. This is also fine however the game file is 8GB and i was wondering do i need to copy over the entire file or can i leave some out. For example i have read online that you can leave the save file out (which is 5GB) but just wanted some confirmation!

Also, i have imported a huge amount of sounds and was wondering do i need to include these in the game files in order for them to work when the game is being test? Or by importing are they then coded into the game?

Any advice would be great, thanks

Hello Mag454,

Typically you can do without your Saved, Intermediate, and Derived data Cache.

Note : I would highly suggest having two folders. One with all of the information and one without the above mentioned folders.

This way you may test both and you will have all your files just in case the other method does not. Also, without these folders your project will need to recompile it’s shaders and rebuild. So, for a presentation, make sure you have enough time for everything to build when you open it for the first time. This way it’s ready to go.

I managed to test it today in another location and it worked perfectly.

Thanks alot