How Do I Transfer All Blueprint Code to Different Project?

Hi, I’ve been working on lots of blueprints in a demo project I was working on and I’m starting to work on my actual project, however I don’t know how to completely transfer all of the blueprints I’ve done without error. How do I do this?

Select all your blueprint objects in the content browser then “Right-Click” -> “Asset Actions” -> “Migrate”. This will prompt you with a window showing you all your blueprints you selected and all items associated with these blueprint.

Click “OK” and then select the Content folder of the game you want to place these Blueprints in. You have to select the “Content” folder or it will fail. After it is complete you will be told whether it was a success and if there were issues you will be presented a log of the issues.

Migrating Assets

Doing this right now. Works pretty well.
It takes all of the referenced Materials, Textures /etc. and copys it to another content folder.

What I am doing:

Migrate 1 BP from “Dev” to “Quality”. Modify/optimize/clean it there (because there’s a lot of BS everywhere…) and Migrate it then to “Production”.

But imo you should do that, before making levels. Migrating things usually breaks my levels, because of the missing file references in the (not migrated) folders…