How do i this without errors?

managed to get it to work but there are errors, i do not like the errors and feel like they might be a problem later on, how do i fix this.

i have an idea that the object of the cast is wrong since i just guessed it.

i’m basically trying to get the speed variable from the third person bp and then apply it to the speed variable of the thirdpersonanimebp.

oh even better, if you could tell me how i could get the speed value straight from the third person BP instead of what i am doing since that magically worked.

i’m really bad at Visual scripting so please be descriptive.

Most people do the variable assignment stuff in the Event Graph. You do the same thing there as you’ve got in your image. In the Event Graph, drag off from the pawn reference (node should already be there), then Get Velocity -> Get Vector Length -> Set Speed. Then in the AnimGraph, you plug the speed variable into your blendspace.