How do I texture lines on a running track?

Hello, Im new to Unreal and would like a little help if possible. I want to make a track & field game. I modelled the stadium but do not know the best optimized way to texture the track inside it. I learned about tiling for the grass and red surface since theyre the same across the whole ground but then how do I impliment the white lines on top of them? Do I need to break the ground up into smaller modular squares and paint all lines and markings on a texture for each square then assemble them together in Unreal? Hopefully one of you could help me past this hurdle. Thanks

Decal meshes are your friend! You can create strips for the lines with repeating textures, and use the mesh decal shader to color the ground beneath them.

Mesh Decals | Unreal Engine Documentation

The advantage being if you need to change your lines’ thickness or position, its just a mesh update rather than having to repaint a whole bunch of texture tiles.

Forgive my late reply. I read about decals but with textures youre saying “mesh” decals instead as in make the lines with geometry and position it just above the ground? Your suggestion is much appreciated thank you for the link. Would you mind directing me to some tutorials that explain how to do that?

There’s a bunch more on YouTube, I believe. Essentially you just apply the decal material to the mesh. Depends what DCC you’re using. In Maya you can extrude a line section along a curve profile. In Blender you can create geometry strips. As long as its high enough above the ground to avoid Z-fighting issues, but not so high it starts to parallax as you move through the scene, you’re laughing.