How do I test that my actors have x or less velocity?

I keep getting “Infinite Loop” errors with my current setup of branching nodes and delay nodes. Whats the best way to have a blueprint test my actors for having velocity above/below a certain value? Everything I can think of eventually ends in an infinite loop, regardless of delay. At the moment, I test for a variable from a function “TestForMovement” that returns a boolean “HasMovement” and when its false it allows the execution to continue, if its true it triggers TestForMoment again.

I want to test for movement at the beginning of each turn of my game, to make sure the physics actors have all come to a stop. How can I test to make sure my actors have come to a rest (or close to a rest?) without endless infinite loops.

Oh it does become false, I’m testing whether these ball actors (from the rolling ball blueprint) have come to a stop or not, and when they do, whether they’ve stopped and to take the next turn. I can make the delay for reactiviating two or more seconds to avoid infinite loops, but I was hoping there was a better or more practical way to test or rather do x when Boolean becomes false.

I just gave up for the night and got in to bed, I’ll post a screenshot tomorrow morning.

I can only assume the value you’re testing is never becoming false, therefore causing it to never continue on, ending in an infinite loop. Can you please post a screenshot of the function so we can see exactly how you are checking the boolean.