How do I test audio attenuation for multiplayer?


I’d like to be able to test the audio falloff for sounds that will play on my character to simulate how they will sound in multiplayer, but I don’t want to have to nag someone to play with me every time.

I am able to get multiplayer running on a single PC, but when I switch windows, I also seem to switch listeners to the focused window.

Is there a way to play in one window and listen on the other? That way I could slowly move away from the character whose window I’m listening to while performing attacks and would be able to see if the audio falloff sounds right.

Thank you!

You are in luck! First, the fact that you can even hear accurate audio between PIE is a brand-new feature (my first at Epic). It used to be that all PIE worlds shared the same audio device and resources, which made for a bad and innacurate experience.

To solo a PIE window (i.e. hear only audio from that window even when you switch contexts), just do “SoloAudio” as a console command in the window you want to solo. If do do SoloAudio on a different window, that new window will become the solo’d window. It’s sort of like solo buttons in mixers except there is only ever 1 solo’d window. It’ll “un-solo” the other windows.

To clear it (and revert back to soloing on the active context) do “ClearSoloAudio”.

Unfortunately, since PIE windows are created/destroyed every time you launch them, you have to re-type SoloAudio every time you launch a PIE window. I haven’t yet had time to figure out a way to make the window you want to solo be persistent between subsequent PIE window launches. Probably could re-do the feature as a “SoloAudio X” where X is which player or something.

If you want to hear all audio no matter what window is active (don’t recommend this since you’ll hear lots of double-trigger and stuff, but it can be useful), I recently added a command “PlayAllPieAudio” but I believe that is only on head-revision right now and not released in a UE4 version yet.

Got it to work – thank you so much, Aaron!

Great! It is a bit easy to trick yourself in thinking you’re hearing audio from your current window vs the one that’s solo’d. To make sure it’s working, move the two players/listeners very far from each other and you should hear different audio landscapes.