How do I teleport the player controller to a new location?

Hi there,

I’ve tried using a few things, but I’m obviously doing something wrong. Just trying to do some super basic teleporting of the player to a new location on Begin Play. Attached a pic. I’m not sure what else I’m doing wrong here. Blueprint noob :slight_smile: Tried searching a bunch but couldn’t find something similar.



Get the Controlled Pawn off the PlayerController pin and teleport that. The pawn has the Mesh and the things you see in the game, the controller’s location doesn’t have to matter unless the pawn is set to specifically care about it, by default it doesn’t.

If you teleport the controller you would be teleporting the camera, if you wanted that, then just do a set position and choose the transform you want your camera to be, however if you have already made a camera in the character or pawn class, that will override the controller camera and you would have to access that specific component and set location on that.

Other than that what Mikepurvis said is correct, you will want to be targeting the pawn to move your physical self.

Hi Mike – Thanks for the reply and clarification! Just tried that one out. Still can’t get it to teleport though. Messed around with the location values a few times but no dice. This graph correct?

Hi Jmalaska,

Below is a picture of a teleport on start I made recently. You want to get the player pawn, and if you use some actor (can even be hidden in game so it doesn’t interfere with play) and set that actors world location into the destination location it should spawn you there. Are you attempting this in level blueprint or the character blueprint? The one I’m posting is done specifically in level blueprint. This gives you the option to set different locations based on which area is loaded at any given time. Please let me know if this works and/or if you need more assistance. Thank you!

Thanks Adam. I think the character might have been colliding with another, nearby object.

What if you want to set the destination rotation but based on an arrow? I’m trying to do that, but the player always spawns on his original rotation.