How do I take Fallout New Vegas' map and make it into a Height Map?

I am having extreme difficulty finding a height map for Fallout New Vegas and I wish to recreate the games environment. Is there any way to get the games Height map so I don’t have to create the environment by hand?

Ordinarily I’d rage at posts like this. There’s no practical use for stealing other games maps and assets which would be legal, but in this case I believe your best bet would be looking through GECK.

But just be warned, just because Bethesda provide you with the tools to modify their game, does not mean they’re cool with you stealing their environments. You’d do better to create your own “inspired” environments. If, like me, you absolutely SUCK at landscaping there’s also a (sort of cheap) asset named Infinite Affordable Landscapes which provide a few environments similar to Fallout New Vegas.

Hey yeah this isn’t me trying to just steal their stuff what i’m aiming to do is recreate Fallout New Vegas in Unreal Engine 4. I was really disappointed with Fallout 4 and I’m trying give new life to FNV