How do I synchronize engine version between PC/Mac?

I have a game that’s being released on Steam in just under two weeks - the PC version is finished and I figured I’d have a crack at a Mac version.

I grabbed my engine and project from source control and compiled on Mac successfully, but when I go to open my uproject it says it’s a different engine version and that I need to copy/convert the project.

I found this answerhub post, saying "And do not forget synchronize UE4 version on PC and Mac. " - this seems like what I probably need to do, but I’m not sure how to go about it? (I am not very familiar with VS/XCode/C++ in general… only reason I am using a code project is so that I could use a couple of plugins).

Any help appreciated, thank you.

OK so the answer was in this answerhub post. Specifically - I moved my project within my engine directory (so that it could be found with the .uprojectdirs file), and I removed the random GUID from the “EngineAssociation:” line in the .uproject file. After that, the same project opens on Mac fine :slight_smile: