How do i sync project files with our Team

I have never been in a team before. Recently me and a friend have started a project and at the moment only one of us can be working on the game at a time, so we basically work on one computer then at the end of the day we transfer the full game files to our other computer over the network drive, this is getting very tedious and I am sure there is a more easier way.
Like i said i have never done anything like this before so i am just looking for some information on how to properly set up unreal for a team.
Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

Version control :stuck_out_tongue: like git or svn (the 2nd one is supported direcly by editor). Let you sync between users, monitor changes and control them and revent if something gonna mess up,

My team uses git and never used svn so i can only give hints on that, here you got tutorial to learn basics:

Here you got software:

Also you need to host repository somewhere, you can setup git on your server it would be the best, if not you can use hosting services like

  • - most popular, but
    private repositories are paid
  • - less popular, but got
    free private repositories but on
    limited user number… or else you
    got student in team (with email
    address from school) then his account
    can make free private repositories
    with unlimited user number.

Also note you should not place things that may change randomly during usage or personal configurations, in repository make .gitignore file which will ignore this kind of stuff:

# File Types known to be unecessary

#Stuff that change all the time


Change ProjectName with name of you project. You can add more to this, i know some text editors may create backup files then add extantions of those files so they can be ignored.

If you got C++ project, you will require to right click uproject file and “Generate Visual Studio Files” on after cloning and then compile the code. Also any configuration you want to sync should be saved to default (in /Config directory) so it will sync between devlopers.