How do I switch modes in Blueprint? (For a small Sandbox building game)

Instead of a Weapon wheel selection. I want a Mode Wheel Selection for my Sandbox building game. Here’s the Video I completed, but I really want a mode wheel for my game.

How do I do that? How do I make modes like Adventure mode, 3D mode (like Object mode, Transform mode) and Game Modes (Racing, Zombies, FPS)? But made in a wheel.

Any ideas for me of help, advice, videos, docs, pics, other forums, questions, suggestions. Let me know what you can do for me? Very much appreciate it.

  1. The first step is Switching modes in the mode wheel. When that figured I will let you know what other help I need.

Hey! You can do this through the “Open Level” node. On the drop down you should see an “Options” string. Here you can input a command to switch game mode… for example…


Make sure you include the _C at the end, otherwise it won’t open…

If you’re unsure of the path to your GameMode hover over the item in the explorer.

Hope this helps!

I will take a look at this.
But I am still new to Unreal.
I have 5 years of experience with another 3D game engine(if I am allowed name call the Engine?). But there were no multiplayer features for a couple of months for that game engine. So I moved to Unreal because the Engine keeps everything the way it is. I really want to work on an impossible project like making a small sandbox building game. I will take a look t see how it went.

Nah… It’s not really Open Level Node. ^^’ It’s more like In one level you can switch modes without the game modes. One function is switching Text from Regular mode Text to Building Mode Text. Another Function is When it’s Regular mode text the Object Spawn gun is off. But when it’s Building mode text, the Object spawn gun is on. Where in Build Mode Text, you can shoot any where in rounding numbers of XYZ in 1 unit perfect position anywhere. Before planting the shape.

Basically the game is switching game text to Indicate the modes without using Game modes but text instead. 2nd Turning the Ghost Shape Blueprints on-off ether visible or non-visible when switching text modes.

But now it’s starting make more sense? I was so tunnel focused? lol I just hope I can now find tutorials on this? :slight_smile: Let me know if you have how to do this in blueprints? I might have a idea how to do this?