How do I switch cameras in-game through input?

Hello UE4 community,

There are 4 cameras and each one is focused on different location as show picture.
How do I select one of the 4 camera with user input?

For example: Pressing “1” shows the perspective of the first camera, pressing “2” changes the perspective to 2nd camera, so and so forth…

I would appreciate any feedback and explanation.
Thanks in advance.



Easiest way to accomplish what you are after is through the Level Blueprint as indicated below.

Just hook up each input (1-4) to a Set View Target with Blend node and assign the Player Controller to each and you can cycle through them.


You are the best!

How can I do this from within my character script ?

"Make ViewTargetTrasitionParams" is the new name for the "Set View Target with Blend"

Can’t find “set view target with blend”:

Search it in Palette tab’s Library section. If you cant find the tab you can enable it via Window > Palette.
(by Jacky :diamonds:)