How do I switch between virtual thumb-stick and other touch controls? (new to mobile development)

Hey everyone, I have a question that is probably very entry level.

I have been working in unreal for years now, but this is my first project using unreal 4’s mobile tools, and I have a few questions regarding the transition.

The project I am working on involves a virtual joystick to get the player to run around the level, but I also want to be able to tap objects to interact with them, like picking up the rock in the picture below:


This is based off of the top down template, which uses a more ‘diablo’ sided approach to controls, where you tap on an area and the character path-finds to that location. I decided to use a virtual joystick so I can run off of ledges and not wait for the character to path-find to find a ‘safe’ way down, but I still want to quickly an object, like a rock, and have the character run up to it and interact.

Problem is, now that I have the virtual thumbstick controls implemented, I cant touch anything in the level, it just moves the thumbstick to that location. What I want to do is to hold the screen for the thumbstick and tap for ‘pathfinding’, How can I disable the thumbstick when I do a quick tap or swipe, and then enable it again when those actions are finished?

Thanks in advance,


thought I would bump this

Bumping an old thread. I’m having the exact same issue - is there a way to deal with this?