How do i switch between two characters simultaneously in third person default template?

I am using the default third person template for my game. In which i have my model as the character. But in the game i want to switch the camera from main player to another bot in the game which is being spawned in between the game. How can i change the camera focus from main player to my bot?
I am a complete beginner please help me!!!

This might be the answer you are looking for How to temporarily change player camera to "external BP" camera? - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums

I really appreciate you help. Thanks.
This is okay that i can change the camera view on my new player but i want to even control the new actor by default controls which i am using for controlling my third person character. How can i do that?

Ah I see! Sorry I didn’t catch that on the initial question. Every spawned pawn will have a player controller. You have to just use possess on that player controller. So you are looking for this

Hope that helped!

Oh!! many many many thanks man… really grateful. (Y)