How do I switch between online subsystem

Currently we’re using Null Online subsystem to connect our game to our server, but we use steam for our in game purchase.

Problem is, whenever a user finish the steam transaction, they can’t connect back to our server. (As if steam online sub has started and override the null subsystem.) Is there anyway to switch it back to default null subsystem mid game?


Not a soul know how I should proceed?


I am also on the lookout for how to do this. In theory it should be possible to shutdown one module and load another but I suspect it could easily crash if a call is made in the meantime and there is no subsystem available.

Well, there’s a IOnlineSubSystem::Get() where you can specify the name of the subsystem… but when I called “steam” on it, null sub system is completely override…

Im also interested on this. Have the same problem and I would like to combine both OSS (Steam and Null) or use Steam OSS if Steam is working and if not, change it to Null.

Dont know but need a workaround.