How do I switch between 2 characters, having one of them replace another?

I already have two characters created and blueprints of walking and jumping within them. What I need is to have characters change when I press a button and replace one another until I press the button again and reverse the change. As in: I switch from character A to character B and character B is replacing character A until change is undone.

I have checked many tutorials here and I have followed official unreal documentation as in Possessing pawns in the BP ( but it’s made in level BP and leaves both characters present on the level when I switch. if i have multiple levels, it won’t work I don’t think.

I tried making the character get unpossess but it won’t really work. Am I missing something? Sorry for a newbie question

You have to use the Pawn Possessing as it’s described there, but (obviously) you’ll have to write that to your GameMode (or wherever you prefer), not your level script. Level script was only used in the tutorial for demonstration purposes.