How do i stop the "questions I may be interested in" emails?

How do i turn off the “you might be interested in these questions from UE4 AnswerHub” emails? I keep getting sent 2 of them to the same email address each night…

in the top bar click on your name


and uncheck “A question in my area of expertise is posted” in the first section

Thanks, I wish I was an expert on the questions that are being sent!

I wish I was too :wink:

If this fixed your problem please mark the question as answered for better tracking



I’m afraid that did not fix the problem, I still received 2 emails - so my only option seems to be to turn off the “Send unanswered questions” tickbox in those settings. Will be interesting to see if any arrive tomorrow.

That should do it, keep me posted if it works or not

The only two options really seems to be
“A question in my area of expertise is posted”
Send me a daily digest with unanswered questions

Will do - shame it doesn’t just send 1 email, 2 identical ones just seems like a bug…

very cool I can’t unsubscribe (