How do I stop the PIE from auto-connecting to the dedicated server

How can I stop the PIE from auto-connecting to the dedicated server when I hit play, I have gone all through the advanced settings, I’ve checked dedicated server, stand alone, etc but it always auto-connects. Any suggestions?

I’m having this same problem 3+ years later in UE 4.26. From what I’ve been able to find, there used to be a “Auto Connect to Server” checkbox in the Editor Preferences → Play → Multiplayer Options… It is not there anymore. Is there any solution for this?

Bump! Using standalone mode for play net mode, and launching a separate server, but the client will still automatically connect to the server and spawn into the server map rather than starting in the one loaded in PIE.

Doesn’t work reliably for me either in 4.26. If I use Play Standalone with Launch Separate Server and Run Under One Process disabled with Play Number Of Clients set to 3 and the Server Map Name Override set then 2 of the 3 clients automatically connect while the third one actually stays in the map the editor was in and can be connected manually via open command. Seems like the client running in editor actually stays on the desired map while the clients launched separately will directly connect to the server.

If I enable Run Under One Process then all clients stay in the editor map but the server doesn’t seem to use the Server Map Name Override. So when I connect using open I cannot actually test the map I want to.

For anyone looking for a solution to this like me using UE5, you can now use Play Standalone net mode in NetMode settings to stop your process from acting as a client or server.

Just a quick note this setting has nothing to do with Standalone Game mode option you see in the same image. Even if you start your game in Standalone Game mode, if your NetMode is set as Play as Client or Play as Listen Server the game will still try to act as either client or server on startup.