How do I stop the 'door close' sound triggering when the door is closed?

I’m using the 3rd person tutorial level and have built an automated door following the automated door tutorial. When the door is shut but the character walks out of the trigger volume the door close sound goes off. Obviously I want to make the door close sound trigger only when the character walks out of the trigger volume when the door is already open.

Any pointers and tips greatly appreciated. I’ve only got a couple of days left to finish this for a uni project and after being sick and missing the initial UDK lectures I am very behind.

Thanks very much for any help.


You have the Play sound off Trigger Volume.

I would do it differently, having open door would work well on Trigger Volume,

I would make a second Line instead of using Reverse.

On the second line, play the door sound of Completed. That way it will play when the timeline finishes and door is closed.

One other thing I should have mentioned, the door opens (and makes the door open sound) anywhere in the level, not just the trigger volume area.

I should add that I have a very a limited knowledge of blueprint. Apologies in advance, I’m only asking these questions because I have a couple of days before I have to hand in the project. I would have been more up to speed if I didn’t catch a nasty bug earlier in the month. Thanks for your understanding

Okay, so I have to make a second timeline. Could you walk me through the steps you mentioned please?


Pretend this is your second timeline. It will play sound when the timeline is finished, so when door is closed.


Sound being played anywhere:

You must define a location, So get location of door, made a fake one here, and plug it in. You could also use location of you Trigger box to.


If I understand correctly, in this example the sound will play when the timeline has finished and the door is closed. This wouldn’t work for me because I need the door close sound to trigger as soon as the door begins to close, which is why the timeline reverse idea should be an elegant solution. Am I missing something here?

On my Blueprint, the Branch after the key event node looks like it’s supposed to only allow an execution signal to the door close Play Sound, only when the door is open. Any idea of a simple way to do this?

Thank you

OK, gotcha

You have got this node. “Door is Open”, why not on “End Overlap”, check if door is open, if it is not open, go no further along those nodes.

You could use “And Bool” to check both the bools at once.

Hi, the ‘And Bool sounds’ like it should work but unfortunately it doesn’t do anything when I set it up as shown. Interestingly, when I plug ‘Door is open’ into the branch then plug the False wire into the Enable input node it works the same as when ‘Door is usable’ is plugged into the Branch and the True wire is connected to Enable input.



What do you mean by, ‘why not on “End Overlap”, check if door is open, if it is not open, go no further along those nodes.’?

Also interestingly, from the Branch, I can bybass Enable Input and go straight to Play Sound at Location

One more thing, It won’t let me plug ‘Door’ into ‘Get world location’. It says 'Static mesh component not compatible with new Blueprint reference.


1st Point.

When you leave overlap and DOOR is closed, then the branch should fail, thus not playing the sound and animation, but enable input.

So is you have a Bool that say if Door is open & Usable is yes then play sound and animation.

What is you default setting for Door is open in details tab.

In case someone needs in future, I got same problem but I solved it like this

Create 2 triggers volumes, second one to help reset sound and mechanism don’t get jammed by opening and closing rapidly.

2 cue sounds depending if close and open sound different

Here full event first post didnt go sorry