How do I stop my Default Run Character to decelerate while strafing?

So I’m working on a game where the character continually moves forward. I learned it from a video series by Unreal, but I have it set up so when my character moves left or right, it kills all the momentum and makes it an exploit so it makes the game less challenging.

Use more pictures to explain your problem please. it’s difficult to understand what you want.

my character is continually running forward. lets say 1000 MPR. Ok and then I press the A or D key so I move LEFT or RIGHT. That is strafing. So I move Left Or Right then it makes my character go like 10 MPR.

Ok i understand what is your problem. Now please take a picture to your A and D button press event i have made this tutorial too, so we will correct this problems.

I see no diffrence except the fact about the IsDead, that is basically something we add later on in the tutorial

You are doing this wrong. Endless Runner: Overview & Player Control | 01 | v4.7 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube watch this tutoria,l from that time and remake your script. You need to get how this movement system works. If you will have questions after video. i will answer good luck

Can you show me turn characters node script?