How do I stop my camera from rotating around my rolling character?

I made a “Roll A Ball” Game from a 100% blank project and now my camera rotates with the ball! How do I rotate the ball and keep the camera still while following it?

Just a idea: Could you atach the Ball and the camera(boompole) to a invisible object that is not rolling?

I found this Unreal Engine 4 - Rolling Ball - Free Template - YouTube and it uses a Capsule component as parent object.

look up “use pawn control rotation”.

thanks, I’ll try

Ooh, looks cool, thanks, I’ll check it out

You can also set the rotation coordinate space for the camera boom to “world” instead of “local/relative”

I would suggest using a separate camera actor that is not attached to the main character.

Create a new blueprint - Actor - call it “CameraActor”. Add a camera component, drag it up to the white dot and make it the root. Compile and save.

Drag that CameraActor BP into the world. You should get a preview for the cam while you place it.

Now you will need to have it switch to that camera on start. Open your level BP and add this.
Make sure the dragged in cameraactor is still selected so you can right click and add the “cameraactor from persistent level” node.

You say a rolling ball game, I assume like “Marble Madness”? So you will need to get this cam to follow you around like it were attached yet not attached directly to the character thus so you can still roll.

You can also do this in the level BP, and there is surely many other ways this could all be done but this is how I did it. Here is a pic I used for this concept on the side scroller template.

You might be able to tweek that and get what you are after.