How do I stop a trigger volume from moveing with the mesh?

I created a blueprint that opens a door when I press ‘E’.

The blueprint contain a mesh for the door and a volume that is used to detect whether I am close enough to open or close the door.
The door opens and closes as it should, but unfortunately the volume moves with the door.

How to I stop it from moving, and only move the door itself.

I would also like to put a door frame in the blueprint with the door, but I would have the same issue with it moving too.

I tried to assign the door mesh to the target of ‘Set Actor Location’, but it won’t let me attach it.

I also tried to set the volume to not moveable, but it changed the door to also be not moveable.

move the component ( drag a get “your mesh door” and wire set relative location : target is scene component) and check if the trigger is separate to the door (if not it follow if it is under the door not under the root) . If not separate it. then only the door will move.

Ahh, that did it. My problem was I was using ‘Set Actor Location’ (which didn’t allow me to attach the child component as a target) instead of ‘Set Relative location’ (which does allow me to attach the child as a target)

Thank you very much.