How Do I Stop A Rotating Door From Spinning?

Hello I hope I get this in the right place for help on my problem. First off, I been struggling with making a double door that will work so not I had decided to make a single door. Either I have no idea what I am doing or I am plane stupid to know know how to get things to work correctly. Here is my current problem. I am now trying to make a simple single door to open and close when you walk up and walk away from it with out pressing a key or button. I did get the door to open and close but with a a twist unfortunately. My question is, how do I get it to stop spinning like a top for a few seconds before it stops either to the open or closed position? When the door opens, the door will spin one way, and when it closes, it spins the opposite direction. Any ideas that may be of help? I will post the screenshot of my current blueprint.

One way to create a door like this would be with a very basic matinee sequence attached to it. This can work with 2 doors side by side, giving you the ability to do the double door that you originally wanted! Below I have provided a link with a great tutorial for the system that I believe you are wanting to figure out. Hope this helps!

Anaklosmos, I like to thank you for your response and for the link as well. This link was very helpful and also had some details to a few things I had not thought of as well. Any how, I yet have one other problem even while following the instructions on the video. First off, the door does open and close as I was hopping. Next problem is odd. When I trigger the box, the door opens as I like it to. When I step off the box, the door closes as I like. Odd part, when I stay off the box and when the door is closed, it will stay closed for a few seconds then reopen in a snap and stay open. As I step back on the box, the door will return back to the closed position in a snap just as it opened then begins to open again as normal and stay open as long as I stay on the box. Step off the box again, repeat again. Any suggestions to fix this? Thanks again in advance.

Could you send me your blueprint that you are using to open the door? I’ll take a look at it and see if I can help you out.


Open/Close double doors

Anaklosmos, thank you again for the kind response. Here is a screenshot of the current BP that is also being used in the same video on the link you had sent. This is the one that is making the door snap open instantly when you step off the trigger box.

Here is another screenshot of one I tried before, but the door would spin in a circle like a top before coming to a stop.

svv3dUDN, Thank you for the response. Oh yes, the double door one again. I recall this one, for I been trying so many different blueprints for the past 2 weeks trying to get the double doors to work. This print would not even open the doors for me. Is there another step I am missing here with this one? Thanks again.

Here is a screenshot of the level blueprint.

Okay, this can be achieved very easily using matinee and the level blueprint. I will make a to-do list to help you out.

Place the doors that you want and add a box trigger around them. Make sure that your door anchor is in the bottom corner of the mesh so you can easily swing the door open.

Navigate to the matinee tab on the top toolbar and click “Add Matinee”.

The Matinee window will appear. Go back to your viewport and click on one of your doors. Go back into your matinee window and right click in the dark grey area beside the timeline and choose “Add new empty group”.

With the door still activated, right click the new group you have created in the matinee window and choose “Add new movement track”.

Now you are ready to animate the door. Make sure the door is in it’s closed position, scrub the timeline to 0 seconds and click the “Add Key” button at the top. You will now see a small red arrow on your movement track indicating that you have set a keyframe.

Scrub your timeline however far along you want (This will be how long your door takes to open). After you have scrubbed to your desired time on the timeline, click on the door again and rotate it to the desired open angle. After you have your scrubber on the correct time and the door in the correct rotation, select “Add Key” a second time. This will finalize the animation of the door.

Do the same for the second door.

Open your level blueprint and select your box trigger in the viewport. Create an “OnActorBeginOverlap” and “OnActorEndOverlap” node referencing your trigger box.

Off of your BeginOverlap node you will need to add two “Play” nodes. Go back to your viewport and select the matinee actors one at a time and get a reference to them in the level blueprint. Hook the matinee sequence references into the play nodes.

Off of your EndOverlap node you will need to add two “Reverse” nodes. Copy the matinee sequence references and plug them into the reverse nodes, just as you did on the BeginOverlap.

Here is the Level Blueprint that will handle the opening and closing of the doors.

Anaklosmos, I wish to thank you for the wonderful help you had done here. This blueprint seems to work perfectly. I have worked with many of them and none seem to work. This one is the tops and I thank you again for your time and help here. I give you two thumbs up here. :smiley: