How do I split up an FBX file with a bunch of Anims?

I bought a character on unity store and it has like 100 anims in one FBX.
It imports fine, but it would be easier for me to work with 100 separate FBX files.
Does anyone know what is the easiest way to break them up?

use motionbuilder, you can bulk export each animation/take as a seperate fbx file with just one checkbox.

Thank you!!! I will try it.

I opened it in MotionBuilder and and I saw the checkbox thing.
it seems like Unity Devs just like to do one gigantic animation take.
There was just one big 3000 frame take.

But for some reason…
When the FBX is imported into unity, Unity can read the sections (it knows frames 0-100 is idle, frames 100 to 230 is walk cycle A, etc)
I can see from opening it in Unity where all of the different tracks begin and end.
How can I Find that information from within MotionBuilder?