How do I speed up all enemies when score is X?


So I want all my enemies of this blueprint to speed up at a certain score. How do I call this from my world event or another blueprint to make all the enemies that spawn from now on to be faster?

If the blueprint snippet you pasted here is in the enemy character’s event graph, you need a handle to the enemy character you want to speed up.

If you want to speed up all the enemies in the world, you could get actors from class enemy (there is a blueprint node for this) and then call the speed up on them.

otherwise, if you want to know more about blueprint communication look at zak’s tutorial on this:

I second checking out Zak’s BP tutorial, but if your only looking at making NEW enemies that spawn move faster then I would recommend having the logic for score be done in the game mode, and just have an on-construct or eventBeginPlay action that asks the gamemode what the current score is.

got it working thank you