How do i speak to particular player trough VOIP?

Hi I’m working on a game where all 6 players should be able to talk to each other using push to talk and everyone should be able to hear it, but 2 of them should have a separate key that only allows them to talk to each other and only they hear it. How can I implement this?

Hey there @Kokapuk! So like a social deduction style game? Working with VOIP is different for every system, and the built in VOIP system doesn’t have a channels feature, you’d have to do a bit of C++ work to get it to do multiple channels. I have a reference on how to get it setup for a basic listen server, but if you’re using something like EOS I do believe there’s more features there and this developer has a couple of videos on the topic, including voice sessions with EOS.

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Basic Setup:

EOS playlist:

I got my voice chat working using first video, my main poblem is about multiple channels. So how do i implement that?

That’s a bit harder, so the base VOIP seems to only have one channel natively, I couldn’t find resources on how to separate them into channels natively.

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So what can i use instead of voip?

Ahhh so there is multiple channels, and I found the documentation for it.

This is still dependent on which online service you’ll be using.