How do I spawn / move NPC to target location?

Essentially I am trying to Set Target Point in Level (red target point) > Spawn Character NPC > Move Character NPC Towards Target Destination (green target point). Even though this sounds very simple, I’m running into a few issues. Below i’ve attached the blueprints I am working with.

My Spawn Blueprint is dealing with Spawning my NPC character blueprint on the target point I set in the level. This works as expected.Once I have my zombie spawned, I hook the Spawn default controller and get controller to the return value (if I don’t, the spawned character has no physics). I also set my target location, and then press “PLAY”
My character spawns but doesn’t move at all… I know that the movement is working properly because I placed my zombie blueprint in the level instead of spawning it in this blueprint… Worked like a charm! Something is up with the spawn component reference.
Does anyone know what i’m doing wrong?**

Changed a few things and updated my thread. My apologies. I was able to get my Zombie character blueprint to spawn in my level, and then store it in a variable. I run into an issue when I try to make it move to a set location, after it has been spawned.

well, you forgot to mention the most important thing in a question thread. the question.
what is the issue exactly?

Update: I was able to make the character move effectively by NOT spawning the character blueprint, but just placing it in the level and referencing it in the Spawnpoint Blueprint.


That doesn’t work for me though because I don’t want to make multiple variables and keep dragging a bunch of characters onto my level… I need a way to use one single blueprint to spawn and move a character.

I feel there is something wrong with the location reference I am receiving once the character spawns… any ideas?

Problem Solved! First off, I replaced “Spawn Actor” with “SpawnAI”. Spawn actor was not applying all the Physics properties to my spawned character, so this fix solved all problems. I took my return value, and plugged it into my controller. Then, I needed the character to know where to move to. I created a variable called “End location” to reference the actor blueprint in my level. After I did that, I made the variable PUBLIC. Doing that allows me to go back to my level, click on my Target Point (the one that spawns my character) and then set “End location” Variable to my actor blueprint. Picture below: