How do I spawn items in a random order?

So, I’m trying to spawn a series of unique cubes in a random order. Lets say 5 cubes. I need the cubes to spawn one after another, but in a random order each time the event is triggered (level start). Any ideas? I feel like this should be really easy, but it has me pulling my hair out!

Add whatever makes them unique to an array, shuffle the array and then ForEach loop through the shuffled array.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. I’m still not sure how to set this up.

I currently use this to spawn my cubes, but I need the order to be random. I tried setting up an array as you suggested, but it spits out all the cubes at the same time. I’m very new to the bp system and feel as if I’m trying to run before I can walk. Unfortunately this is for work, so I have to plough on!

The for loop happens all in one tick. Try the Do/n node, maybe something like this.

You may have to mess with the numbers.

I see, it’s supposed to be an automated looped spawner with delay. In this case it’s a tad more complicated. Added comments to make it clearer. Do tell whether it works the way you envisioned.

Thanks for the help guys! I really appreciate it.