How do i spawn an actor using a geometry collection object reference

Hello there, ive never asked for help before but i cant do this at all.

So my plan is to switch out a static mesh object with a destructable object and spawn a strain field system and destroy the destructable when the static mesh object health reaches 0.
This is do-able, however i would like to store all the data for the static meshes with their destuctable (geometry collection) counterparts in a datatable.

I cannot seem to be able to use the geometry collection object reference stored in the data table in any meaningful way, it cant cast to anything usable, i cant spawn anything from it, and i cant attach it to any actor. The only work around that i have come up with is that i store the class of the geometry collection in the datatable and spawn actor from class when i need it, but this just seems wrong, to store classes as data.

if only there was a way to set the geometry collection of a geometry collection Actor like setting the static mesh of a static mesh actor, then that would be great, but ive looked and i cant.

I am a noob at unreal so ill need a fairly detailed step for step answer.
I would also like a blueprint solution because i am currently building the developer from source and if i have to build a c++ solution i will have to wait several hours for it to build everytime i compile it.

I am also open to all suggestions like, generating my own destructable or a different way of storing data.


I am in the same situation friend. It looks like chaos is in diapers at the moment. Have you tried APEX destruction? I have been able to do something like what you say but my problem is that I am working with UE5 and there they have removed APEX destruction for the moment.