How do I spawn an actor at the mouse position on drop?

Hello all, I originally posted this in answers, but didn’t find any solution so I’m asking here. I’m creating a top down card game and am trying to drop a card on to the battle field and spawn an actor at the drop location. I’ve created a widget for the card space and added a separate widget for the battle field. In my widget designer, I have a widget for the battle field, Level, located on top of my In-Game widget so that the battle field knows where the card was dropped. You can see in my Level widget graph, when a card is dropped onto it, it prints the position of the mouse and then is supposed to spawn an actor, Common, at the same location. The problem I’m having is the actor is clearly not being spawned at the mouse position. No matter where I drop a card on the field, the actor is spawned in the same location at the top right of the screen. Is there an offset, or another pin I should spawn from instead of GetScreenSpacePosition?

I would to love to also post pictures, however, it doesn’t seem I’m able to yet. My original post, with pictures is here:

Thanks a bunch in advance.
Product Version: UE 4.12