How do i spawn ai every few seconds?

hello im doing a game for a fare in college now my issue is that i want the enemy to spawn every few seconds i tried this way (look in image) and it rapidly spawns them any ideas?


Instead of using Tick use Begin Play and when you set Looping on, such timer just require one set to run infinitly

Timer is not delay it will trigger next action after it right away, thats why you still spawning on tick. What timer does is call function or event you point to, in your case it will call function “s”, if you don’t have function s timer will do nothing.

Read docs about timers here:

@anonymous_user_f5a50610 thank you for your comment i got a bit confused about your answer but when i saw the delay part it came to me. what i done is replace the branch and timer with delay and now enemy spawns every few seconds thank you again

Take note tho delays do not work on a server, nor should they. A delay is normally able to be replaced by an event & timer combo. A delay is locking up a thread. Its better to set a timer that fires an event at a certain time, and let the thread keep running.