How do i spawn a destructible mesh in array?

I am new to Unreal and trying to learn about blueprints. What i want to do is a simple cube with destructible mesh that spawns on different locations from a array, the cube wich is a destructible mesh should explode when i walk into them, and the parts of the exploded cube will dissapear after 10 seconds then after 10 seconds more the cube will spawn again on same spot, just like a standard rpg game.
So far i made it work fine with the array and to spawn the different cubes on there location, but my problem is how to tell the engine what cube have been exploded and to be re spawn again.
Here i send some pictures of the blueprints that i work on. the one that first spawns the cubes is on a level blueprint, and the cube itself is on a class blueprint that i try use to allso re spawn the cube. How can i fix it to work like i want to? is there better ways of doing the same thing i want maybe?

I started to find out about how to fix this, i guess i need to get the location from the cube that just exploded and then add it to the the transform when i respawn it. The problem is jut how? i had the best result in this picture i include, but the location is not getting exactly.

Well i guess i did not need to ask, i just experimented and found out myself :slight_smile:

But i have another question to this. I see that the numbers of actors is getting bigger and bigger the longer i play. I cant use just destroy actor though it will not create a new spawn. Any one knows how to fix?

I found out :slight_smile: i put the “destroy actor” after “spawn actor”…