How do I Spawn 2 objects from 1?

The question is simple enough but I am going for a more elaborate action…

I want to have a snake or centipede like character and when you shoot them in a section they would split into 2 of them. The section I shoot would disappear and a new head would show up on the cut off section.

I was thinking destroy the first one to fire off two new ones but then how would i know the size that each new snake should be. Eventually the user should be able to kill the entire snake as they blow away each body section or head for that matter.

You have the right idea, you destroy the character and spawn 2 in same place, I guess to make it perfect you’d have to make sure everything matches up in your 3D Software before exporting to UE4, if you’d want to do this continuously,
you’d need to figure out the correct scale to make it look like you want. For example each time you’d spawn new ones you could half the scale size.