How Do I ? (SoundCues)


I want to have a sound cue that when played: plays a startup sound then loops for as long as I want, then when “deactivated” by a BP it plays a shutdown sound.

can this be done MOSTLY with a sound cue .

Now I set start up sound, play it , when it finishes I set looping sound and play it and when needed I set the shutdown sound and play it

Is there a more elegant solution?

If yes post a picture of how its done I find sound cues somewhat confusing…

I have a very similar sound for a pulse weapon, with one sound where it “charges up”, one sound where it loops at full charge, one sound where you unleash the pulse, and one sound when you release the button before it has reached full charge. This, as far as I know, can not be done in a SoundCue, I had to do a relatively complex Blueprint for it. Someone correct me if I’m wrong!