How Do I Snap a SpringArm to Fixed Camera Vector?

Hey everyone. I’m looking to snap the SpringArm (camera boom) of the 3rd-person character camera to a fixed camera actor in a room, when my character enters the trigger zone of that room.
I already have the trigger zone switching the camera view to the new fixed camera in the room, but the SpringArm is still free to be moved around by the mouse, so this is causing character orientation problems.

Any idea how to call the SpringArm in blueprints and make it “attach” to the forward vector position of the fixed camera? If I can get this to happen, the player’s control orientation will be set correctly and not feel backwards or wonky.

Thanks so much for any help! I’ve been trying everything I can think of, with no avail.

No one has any ideas? :confused:

Not 100% sure what you mean exactly, but you could just add a branch to whereever you handle camera movement with mouse and whenever the triggerzone is entered or left you set that variable accordingly.