How do I slow down the setactorlocation?

I made it so that the thirdpersoncharacter teleports in the direction he’s facing, but I don’t want it to be instant. I want it to be more like a dash effect.

Do any of you know how to slowly add the getactorlocation vector, or really add any vector so that the transition from spot A to spot B isn’t instant?

I tried using timelines but that didn’t work out well, and for some reason, he goes zooming for a few seconds whenever I do use the timeline even when there’s no variable plugged in. and I don’t know how to plugin vectors determined from outside the timeline into said timeline because none of these vectors are a fixed number.

timelines and lerp work best when interpolating from a fixed variable, so store the initial location as a variable

vInterp (I like to use vinterp to) is a bit simpler to use when interpolating from a dynamic variable as I think you are doing.

I tried using vinterp and it doesn’t really change anything.

I’m a bit stupid with vinterp so can you determine if I’m using it wrong?

mmm… there might be other issues with this setup but my first thought is to plug in Get World Delta Seconds in to Delta Time (this is what to do always afaik)… I usually set the Interp Speed to 5 as a starting point

![alt text][1]

I did what you told me to but now it cut back the teleport distance by a megaton Is there anything else you may want me to show so you have a better idea of what may be wrong?

maybe… if you are aiming to move forward only… consider deleting the right vector?

I don’t think I can do that. I’m aiming to move forward in the direction the pawn is facing.

Example: If he’s facing left and I push the teleport button he goes left).
My endgoal is to have a dodge system like Dark Souls/Bloodborne. The problem is, rootmotion animations didn’t give me the freedom to be as versatile with my actions as I wanted so I thought of trying this instead with an inplace animation as the cherry on top.

I think I understand what you are aiming for… but perhaps you are confusing forward of the pawn and forward of the camera?

whichever direction the pawn is facing is forward…

I know what you’re talking about and I believe I solved that problem earlier. He seems to move in the direction he’s facing just fine. It’s all a matter of making him not teleport.

Would uploading a video help at all?

ok… so the direction is fine… but the speed is wonky…

I think what is causing the teleporting is that you are dynamically feeding in the player’s position into the target position… set the target position just once as a variable when the player hits the dodge key. Then plug this variable vector into the target. Honestly though, I’d suggest a timeline and lerp, because the player’s current position will remain changable

Yes! I think I got it! This is much closer to what I’m looking for and I think I can now adjust it to the proper settings and get to where I need.

Thank you SO MUCH! You helped restore faith in my project!