How do I sign out of my epics account on Xbox

How do I sign out of my epics account on Xbox and every time I try to sign into my epic account on the computer it says “ sorry the credentials you are using are invalid” when I know it’s right.

And can you sign your psn account on to your Xbox?

Did you registered epic account and then tied Xbox account to it or you just log in using xbox account?

if 2nd you need to use xbox log in as you epic use that identify you via that account you have option for that in the laucher, they doing that to not bother console user to double register. I don’t have this kind of account myself but from laucher you should reach to your account settings and there you can connect your account with PSN account after that Fortnite (since this is what you after i guess ;p) on PS4 should log in to you post-Xbox Epic account

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