How do I show info about level setup in-editor?

I’m not really sure what I’m looking for here…

I’m working on a small platformer game to learn Blueprints. I have a blueprint that is my actual platform that uses construction script to allow me to spawn various powerups and collectibles onto the platforms. When building a level, I can choose from dropdowns what each platform will spawn. How can I tell how many of a certain type of powerup are set while in the editor without having to scroll around and count. Ideally, I’d set this up in the construction script, but the level blueprint doesn’t have a construction script so I’m not sure how I could do this. My current workaround is to simply run the level since I’m checking and displaying it there anyway. However, I’ve had issues where that seemed to be wrong so it’d be nice to be able to see in editor what I should expect in-game.

Hope that’s clear. If not, just let me know what’s unclear and I’ll do my best to answer back with more info.

Side question… In the level blueprint, I can set variables to be editable. Where would I edit them since the level blueprint isn’t an actor in the level like most BPs, right?

I andwer Side quastion

Level blueprint is a actor, it’s based on LevelScriptActor class, editor creates child blueprint of it and save it to level file, but it’s bluprint editor is kind of diffrent and little bit limited :slight_smile: For variables there different class called WorldSettings, which represents world settings which sate is saved in level, you can extend it and add new options… problem is it’s not blueprintable, you would need to do that in C++.

As for main quastion you might try blutillities, hey are experimental editor scripts, maybe it is what you need

Found my answer over in this thread…

In the comments on that thread was a good tutorial to get started with Blutilities for anyone interested: [TUTORIAL] Blutility - Running Blueprint functions inside Editor - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

What I did to solve my particular issue is in the attached screen. Basically, get all the actors I wanted to know about and checked the enum they were set to then add the relevant ones to an array and set a variable to that array length to see the number of items set as to the desired value. I can see blutilities being very useful down the road.