How do I share games via OneDrive?

I have made two games for my university project and I need to submit them via OneDrive. If I upload them individually then they upload as empty folders with 0 bytes of data. If I zip them in a folder, when they are downloaded back from from OneDrive the files no longer worked when unzipped. This is due to OneDrive not liking zipped folders from what I understand. Does anyone have any idea how to submit my games to OneDrive in a state where they can be downloaded and played by my lecturers. Thanks in advance

If OneDrive doesn’t like zip files, then what do your lecturers recommend you do?

You could always get a self-unpacker like UPX and pack up the built/packaged game folder (“WindowsNoEditor”) I guess?

Most lecturers are on their easter holidays just now, but the one that remains is unsure. I’m doing an audio technology course so they aren’t familiar with Unreal Engine (and neither am I to be fair). This is part of my self assigned major project. I’ll look up this UPX to see what it’s about though, thank you

You could install OneDrive and assign a folder for sharing.

Copy the build folder into the directory, once you get the check it’s verified on OneDrive, right click and get shareable link.

I used to have to do this at work, as uploading/downloading would give me a blank zip.
Uploading/Downloading from platforms like GoogleDrive/OneDrive can often fail as when they don’t know how to read/virus scan a file, they often just blacklist it.