How do I setup my UVs?

So basically iv been trying to make some assets and everytime i do the UVs they end up gorrible and it just doesn work. not sure what im doing wrong so i was wondeing if some telented artist could show me the ropes of good UVs or just tell me where im going wrong and helpfull tips or workflows. any help is VERY appriciated!

I can try :slight_smile:
Also, I really reccomend the UVW Tool RoadKill. It’s free, and it’s making UVW proccess effortless.
You can add me on skype: Mickelbil88 :slight_smile:

Can you provide some more information:

  • What are you using for your modeling?
    (Max, Maya, Blender, or any other
  • Can you post a screen shot of your
    current UV layout and Model?

These two things will help immensely in giving you good advice and tips for UV layout.