How do I setup a server so my friend can play with me online in my level/project?

Hey guys!

I’m wondering how would I get my game to be online so my friend from a few states away can get on my game and we can connect to each other and play with each other in the level?

I kinda know how to setup a server and stuff but how do I give the game to my friend so he can download it and be able to join my server in the game?
Does he have to download UE4 and open up my project and us somehow play with each other online through the project or???

So basically I’m asking how do I let my friend download my level and us play with each other. Do I need some special server box?

Anyone know how this works or would work?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You need to package your game, take a look at this documentation page Packaging and Cooking Games | Unreal Engine Documentation :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks! :slight_smile:


Can I aks how to build a game together Whitt my friend we want to make a game
and don’t know how to build together from other pc that I will program and my friend willl build but on different pc

Thank you for understanding!

I think they will need to sign in to your account on the Epic Launcher ( I THINK I AM NOT SURE )

To both work on a project you’ll both need to install the unreal engine development kit on your pc’s. The best way to then work on the same project will be to use some version control software. This allows you to create a central version of your project that you can both check out and add to. There are a few version control systems out there, i’d probably recommend GitHub to start with as its free, gives you free online storage for your project and is probably the easiest to get started with. I’d also recommend the SourceTree front end for it, makes working with it a lot easier. You’ll need to read up on a few version control concepts to get started but after that should be straight forward. Just make sure you don’t both work on the same files at the same time :slight_smile: