How do I setup a Save and Load system using Blueprint?

How do I make it so when I press a key like F1 it saves my game and then when I press a key like F2 it loads my game.

In your playercontroller’s eventgraph, right-click and search the relevant key’s input event. Check that F1 and F2 are not being used in the game’s defaults for other purposes => I think F1 toggles wireframe display. To change that you’d have to dig a little deeper into keyboard defaults. F1 is usually anyway set to expose Settings or Info menus. F5 and F6 are often set as quick save and quick load. To really do it properly, look up Action Mapping. This is a key binding by action name, and allows the player to change keys if they want to (if you set up a menu for that), so all you have to do is map a ‘QuickSave’ Action Mapping to a default key.

For information on saving, search the Answer Hub, there are already illustrated examples, like here:

Action mapping: Input Action And Axis Mappings In UE4 - Unreal Engine

Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it. I spent like an hour trying to work it out yesterday but didn’t get far. Thanks again!

I wrote up an approach to using inputs in an Actor to trigger custom Events on the separate MySaveGame blueprint:

For example, triggering “Save The Game!” event within a “SaveGameBlueprint” external blueprint from a “FirstPersonCharacter” blueprint: