How do I set widget to Size:Fill once its been added as a child to another widget?

I’m creating a configurable calendar which can have a custom amount of days in the week. When each “DaysInTheWeek” widget is added to the parent calendar widget, their size is all set to auto.

Current Outcome (Created at runtime)

Desired Outcome (Created manually in the UMG)

There is no option to set to fill in the DaysInTheWeek widget before its added as a child to the calendar widget so I’ve tried setting the size like this:
I don’t think I understand how the “Slot As” node works because the above screenshot gives me “Accessed None trying to read property” error for the “Set Size” node but the “Set Text” node is fine.

I’m looking for help on how to get the Set Size node to work or if there is some other way to get my desired outcome. Thanks in advance!

For anyone who might come across this post in the future, I solved my issue by having the “Set Size” node get its reference from the “Add Child to Horizontal Box” instead of the “Slot As” node. Still don’t understand the “Slot As” node but I’ve achieved my desired outcome:

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Thanks saved me alot of time pulling my hair out. I was doing the same thing with set node but adding a scroll box to a canvas panel. Replaced add child with add child to canvas based on your idea.

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